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Since 2003 the Zavod Kronakril® has been manufacturing and selling the following products:

  • - protective coating materials based on aqueous dispersions of acrylic copolymers,
  • - red iron oxide pigment,
  • - zinc phosphate,
based pigment being a key producer of zinc phosphate in Russia.

The Zavod Kronakril® actively supports the import substitution program as well as development of the PWM (paintwork materials) market in Russia.

In 2018, 80% of the anticorrosive paint and varnish materials manufacturers in Russia opted for the products of the Zavod Kronakril®.

In 2019, the REACH Certificate was received for the production of Kronphos PZ.


2020 - the first deliveries of zinc phosphate to Europe began.

2018 - serious work was carried out on the re-equipment and renovation of production workshops. The number of products is increasing, and with it, sales are increasing. The company is entering export markets.

2017 - commercial manufacture of a new brands of red iron oxide pigment of the grades KR-130 and KR-140 was started. These brands demonstrate high colour strength, spreading capacity and dispersion. The anticorrosive pigments manufacture has reached a new level and is able of competing with European manufacturers in respect of quality.

2016 - mass manufacturing of zinc phosphate of the CFMS brand, being analogue of the European molibdates, containing zinc phosphate, was launched.

2015 - manufacturing of a complete analogue of the European zinc phosphate under the brand name of CFT was launched.

2014 - manufacturing of the enamel with high index of resistance and gloss was launched. Wood enamel that retains elasticity at a temperature up to -25C, making it possible to guarantee long-term operation under conditions of moderately cold climate, was manufactured.

2010 - manufacturing of the red iron oxide pigment of the grades K was launched.

2009 - manufacturing of a new brand of zinc phosphate of the brand CF and ZP. Pilot manufacturing of zinc borate was started.

2003 - manufacturing of the product under the brand name “KRONAKRIL®” was launched. A small range of zinc phosphate was manufactured at that time, aimed at import substitution of the Chinese phosphates, the market share of which amounted to roughly 90%. A pilot volume of the ground-coat enamel, based on our own anticorrosive pigments, was manufactured as well.

Currently, Zavod Kronakril® LLC has advanced manufacturing techniques for protective coating materials based on aqueous dispersions of acrylic copolymers.