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Zavod Kronakril® LLC is a leading manufacturer of zinc phosphate-based anticorrosive pigments in the Russian Federation. Production is located in the European part of Russia, 250 km from Moscow.

The history of the Zavod Kronakril began in 2003 from a small enterprise.

The main goal of the Zavod Kronakril is to reduce the impact of paints (in their composition from solvents) on the environment.

Initially, the plant produced anti-corrosion water-based paints and zinc phosphate of the same grade. Later the company developed into a dominant manufacturer of pigments based on zinc phosphates of various brands. Today the share of anticorrosive pigments produced by the Zavod Kronakril is 80% of the Russian market.

In 2018, the production technology of anti-corrosion pigments has been improved, several modifications of zinc phosphate have been developed in order to improve the parameters of the product for various needs of customers. The new product line was used under the KRONPHOS® brand name. Further development of the registration of the REACH certificate confirming the quality of the product for the European Union. Since then, the company has been actively looking for partners outside of Russia.